Borer Financial Communications, Inc., founded in 1996, when the SEC implemented the EDGAR Filing system, is a full-service registered SEC filing agent and financial printer. We assist publicly traded companies, as well as hedge funds, trading firms and individuals that are required to file compliance documents with the SEC utilizing EDGAR. Borer Financial provides high quality, accurate EDGAR compliance filing services to our clients.

Whether you need to apply for new or replacement SEC EDGAR filing codes, revise company or individual information in the SEC database, file a compliance document, or reverse convert a document, Borer Financial is here for your every need.

Our competitive advantages are as follows:

  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • SEC Professionally Trained Staff
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Attention to Detail
  • Referenceable Clients
  • XBRL innovators since the SEC implemented in 2009
  • Strategically partnered with a wholesale financial printer located minutes from downtown Manhattan Transfer Agents
  • BorerNewsWire is strategically partnered with an outside agency to distribute press releases on your firm’s behalf, making it “one-stop shopping”

While cost is an important factor when it comes to SEC filings, value is even more important.

Borer Financial is often complimented for catching erroneous errors in documents that the client and its counsel overlooked.

We also provide an unsurpassed level of comfort to our clients. Our job is to take the worry out of our clients’ SEC filings, whether it be incorporating last minute changes or hitting the “button” before 5:30pm on a filing deadline.

Our attention to detail assures our clients that their EDGAR documents are accurate, on time and properly filed, making Borer the clear choice for your EDGAR Filing Service.

We will partner with you, looking over your documents every step of the way.

XBRL Filing Service for Public Companies

Unlike alternative solutions, Borer Financial’s XBRL filing service does not require you to learn or install new software or familiarize yourself with the intricacies of tagging each line item in your financials.

The XBRL tagging requirements applies to all periods on the face of the financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows and statement of owners’ equity).

With over 15,000 data tags in the approved taxonomy and specific steps required to create custom extensions, companies can easily become overwhelmed by the self-tagging process associated with XBRL filing.  Borer Financial completes this arduous task for you in four easy steps:

XBRL Filings and SEC Reporting in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Request an XBRL conversion:  Provide Borer Financial your financials as you would normally submit them for an EDGAR filing.  We return a proof to you via a link that contains your tagged data complete with the US GAAP definition of the tag.
  2. Review your financials:  After you review your XBRL mapping, you can submit revisions and questions to Borer Financial.  Our XBRL filing service experts will address your edits, make the necessary revisions, perform an error check and provide an updated XBRL proof for your review.
  3. Transmitting documents to the SEC:  After you perform a final review and give your approval, Borer Financial validates the HTML and XBRL files and then transmits your official EDGAR filing to the SEC.
  4. Transmit final zip files of XBRL schemata documents to the client for uploading to their company’s website.

What Is XBRL Interactive Data and Who’s Filing It?

Visit the SEC website for more onWhat Is Interactive Data and Who’s Using It?

The Borer team forms a partnership with your management team, always communicating to ensure that every detail conforms to the SEC’s exact specifications.

Just provide us with your Form 10-Q or Form 10-K document and:

  1. We analyze your files and data.
  2. Our taxonomists initialize XBRL tagging.
  3. Our in-house CPA team reviews your XBRL-tagged document for accuracy.
  4. We validate your XBRL documents with the SEC and perform test filings — to ensure that it’s SEC compliant.

Next we’ll send you proofs that contain your tagged data, complete with the US GAAP tag definitions. Just review that XBRL mapping and return it to us with any revisions.

  • Our XBRL in-house filing service experts will address any revisions, make necessary edits, perform an error-check and return an updated XBRL proof for your review
  • Upon your approval, we will transmit your XBRL files concurrently with your Edgarized HTML documents to the Securities & Exchange Commission.
  • All with no contract required

Your XBRL filings can be just that easy, accurate, timely and transparent.

Financial Printing Service for Public Companies

Borer’s financial printing service are amazing.  Being a boutique full service financial printer, we make the entire process appear seamless and you always stay ahead of the curve.  We have been printing financial documents for companies since 1996.

Our financial printing service provide cost-effective, fast, quality solutions to public companies, hedge funds and law firms nationwide.

We work with you:

  • From your initial contact with our printing center to the time your documents arrive at your transfer agent
  • Our printing service provide flexibility for last-minute revisions to your documents
  • We even include customized recommendations of the best, most cost-effective presses for each of your specific projects

Competitive fees, quick turnaround time, attention to detail and itemized billing…that’s what your financial printing will be like.

Financial Printing Service Includes:  

  • Competitive fees throughout our entire realm of financial printing service
  • Attention to detail of your SEC compliant financial documents
  • Itemized billing
  • Quick, accurate turnaround of your financial documents
  • Professionally trained staff
  • A live person always answers the telephone
  • Referenceable clients

BorerNewsWire AdRelease Works

  • Signup & Submit content

    Create your account in just few steps and get access to the most powerful press release distribution tools.

  • Choose Geographic Target

    Select country, state, city and zip or postal code world wide.

  • Choose your Demographics

    Select audience age group, interests and language.

  • Choose your Reach

    Select 30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 views (how many times you want your release viewed by your audience)

  • Get customized reports

    Get automated, complete distributions reports with in seconds of your content going live.

  • Translations

    Half the web pages in the world are in languages other than English, use the Google Translate API to translate your release into 4 additional languages and we will distribute 5 versions of your release without extra cost.

Included Distribution

  • Dow Jones Factiva
  • Gale Cengage
  • Dialog
  • Comtex
  • Newsware
  • NewsEdge
  • WestLaw
  • ProQuest Dialog
  • NewsBank
  • Acquire Media
  • Thomson Reuters
  • NewsCred
  • LexisNexis
  • Research Databases and Newswires

Financial Content Network

  • The Daily Times
  • HPC Wire
  • Inside
  • Fat Pitch Financials
  • ElPaso Times
  • el Nuevo Herald
  • The Inyo Register
  • The Kane Republican
  • Financial Content
  • Investor Place
  • Idaho Statesman
  • Las Cruces Sun-News
  • Daily News
  • The Telegraph
  • International Business Times
  • Daily Herald
  • Contra Costa Times
  • Malvern Daily Record
  • Mammoth Times
  • Minyanville
  • Financial Content
  • Daily Times Leader
  • CEO World Magazine
  • Digital Media Wire
  • The ONE
  • Press Enterprise
  • Pasadena Star-News
  • The Kansas City Star

Press Release Newswire Network

  • London Stock Exchange (RNS)
  • Inter Press Service (IPS)
  • IMPACT Leadership 21
  • PVBLIC Foundation
  • M2 Press WIRE
  • Dino (Brazil)
  • AndeanWire
  • Hispanicize Wire
  • HPC Legal WIRE
  • iCrowdPR
  • PRmax (UK)
  • Gate Global Impact
  • NetNotas
  • Comunicae (Spain & Mexico)
  • BNamericas WIRE
  • Pubcon
  • Industry Exchange
  • Crowdsourcing Week
  • LendIt

Executive C-Level Recruiting

Borer’s Executive Recruiting has a stellar reputation in the “C Level” community for placing high level executives both nationally and internationally.

We differentiate from the “rest of the pack” by conducting thorough and professional market research, to identify, evaluate and attract the best possible executive.

You will not find “TOP” C-Level resumes on Zip Recruiter, Indeed or Monster. Let me tell you why: ZipRecruiter matches resumes that have “keywords” with your job description. That means if you have the word “resourceful” in your job description, secretaries and other administrative types are going to send their resumes to you, not the C-Level executive that you are looking for to fill the open position. Valuable Executives never post their resumes in these mid-low level search engines.

This is why Borer Financial utilizes proprietary and licensed databases such as Invenias, Blue Steps, Hoovers and ZoomInfo. Unlike Zip Recruiter or Monster, they do not contain resumes…they include information about “Who is Who” in the industry and “Where that Who” actually works. Borer Financial then contacts them and raises their interest in the opportunity presented by the client. This work is called “Talent Acquisition” and not “Resume Shuffling.”

Our placement rates are competitive and our service is superlative.

We welcome the opportunity to source your next “C” candidate.

Borer’s executive recruiting division specializes in recruiting C-Level and upper level management positions.

The executive recruiting branch evolved over the past 21 years when customers would call and ask if we knew of a good CFO or CEO for their firm. Many times the company was in a bind. Being in the SEC filing industry, we knew many of the top executives of other clients and were able to seamlessly locate and place executives.

We work across all major industries to locate the qualified executive whose knowledge, experience and personality are the best fit for your company’s open position.