Executive Recruiting Services

Borer’s Executive Recruiting Services has a stellar reputation in the “C Level” community for placing high level executives both nationally and internationally.

We differentiate from the “rest of the pack” by conducting thorough and professional market research, to identify, evaluate and attract the best possible executive.

You will not find “TOP” C-Level resumes on Zip Recruiter, Indeed or Monster. Let me tell you why: ZipRecruiter matches resumes that have “keywords” with your job description. That means if you have the word “resourceful” in your job description, secretaries and other administrative types are going to send their resumes to you, not the C-Level executive that you are looking for to fill the open position. Valuable Executives never post their resumes in these mid-low level search engines.

This is why Borer Financial utilizes proprietary and licensed databases such as Invenias, Blue Steps, Hoovers and ZoomInfo. Unlike Zip Recruiter or Monster, they do not contain resumes…they include information about “Who is Who” in the industry and “Where that Who” actually works. Borer Financial then contacts them and raises their interest in the opportunity presented by the client. This work is called “Talent Acquisition” and not “Resume Shuffling.”

Our placement rates are competitive and our service is superlative.

We welcome the opportunity to source your next “C” candidate.