Did you leave Safe Harbor with the Queen Mary or a Hail Mary?

Safe Harbor Service for Public Companies

Borer Financial Communications brings the knowledge, experience and lightning-fast response time that your company needs to set a safe, sure, successful course out of the Safe Harbor waters and into the new, more demanding waters of financial reporting.

What all public companies – and foreign private issuers – face are the new financial reporting rules which the SEC has now implemented. These rules require companies to provide financial statement information that is intended to improve its usefulness to investors. In this format, financial statement information could be downloaded directly into spreadsheets, analyzed in a variety of ways using commercial off-the-shelf software and used within investment models in other software formats.

Here’s Where Leaving Safe Harbor Can Get a Little Rough

  • XBRL data is required to match Edgar data
  • “Good faith effort” under Rule 406T is no longer applicable
  • XBRL Exhibits now have the same liability as regular filings
  • The SEC now issues Comment Letters requesting explanations for incorrectly tagged documents and requests that the documents be filed as amendments with the correctly tagged XBRL files
  • Failure to comply with the SEC XBRL requirements can make filers ineligible for short-form registration statements: Form’s S-1 and S-3
  • Failure to comply exposes companies to the risk of legal liability, including civil and criminal lawsuits, by both the SEC and investors

Just How Do We Steer That Successful Course for You?

Borer Financial Communications, founded in 1996 as a full-service “boutique” filing agent, has grown to become a respected leader in the financial printing industry. Over the years, we have provided smooth sailing and earned kudos from our ever-growing client list for a wide range of reasons:

  • Up-to-the-minute knowledge of financial filing regulations and changes
  • In-house filing service experts
  • Flexibility for last minute revisions
  • Quick, accurate turnaround of your financial documents
  • Competitive fees

*All with no contract required

Now that your company has left Safe Harbor, venture forward with peace of mind. Venture forward with Borer Financial Communications, Inc.

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